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Paint Colours

by JSJ

Here is a list of railway colours with equivalent car colours normally available in the UK. If anyone would like to add colours from other railways or nations, please feel free to do so.

The original list came from the 16mmngm Yahoo egroup web site and there it is credited to Andrew Sleigh. The group can be found at

Contributors please feel free to add comments. Please sign your changes in the usual way. Adding rows is easy. Edit the page, select the row above or below where you wish to add, go to the "Table" menu at the top and click the appropriate menu item.

 Original Colour Car or other equivalent Comments

Roof grey

Halford's plastic bumper

 This can be a bit shiny for me (JSJ)

 Accucraft Maroon ?One thing I know is that Rover Damask Red is not the same as Accucraft Maroon! (JSJ)
 Accucraft Green ? 


Rover Damask Red

This colour varies by supplier, probably no more than the original did. However, you may like to be sure you have enough cans to finish a project before starting to spray. This goes for most of the colours but Damask Red seems to drift towards purple in some cases.  The original colour certainly varied through its life and the Midland Crimson Lake was a brighter and purpler colour than the final BR Maroon. I prefer the Midland colour. However, your red might be my purple! (JSJ)

GWR/BR loco green

Rover Brooklands green


GWR/BR loco green

Ford laurel green


BR diesel light green band

Ford highland green


BR coach carmine

Ford rosso red


BR coach cream

Vauxhall gazelle beige


BR coach cream (well worn)

Peugeot antelope beige


BR diesel blue

VW Pargas blue


BR steam loco blue

Peugeot royal blue


BR loco yellow warning panel

Vauxhall mustard yellow


LNER garter blue/BR diesel blue

Ford fjord blue


LNER garter blue

VW Pargas blue


LMS Coronation Blue

Rover pageant mid-blue


Stanier Coronation blue

Peugeot royal blue


GWR or Pullman coach brown 

 Rover russet brown


GWR coach cream

Rover primula yellow


SR dark olive green

Land Rover Coniston green


 Lynton and Barnstaple coach red/brown ? I have some coaches to re-paint and I'm still deciding which colour to use. The view on the L&B modelling Yahoo group is that a terracotta would be fine for new coaches. There is an excellent article available on L&B colours. I will search out the link and add it. (JSJ)
 Lynton & Barnstaple coach white? This apparently started as white but was varnished and yellowed quite quickly. (JSJ)

LNWR/LYR coach plum

Daewoo dark red


LNWR coach white upper panels

Daewoo Casablanca white


CR steam loco

Peugeot royal blue


SDJR blue

Rover midnight blue


CR dark blue

Rover midnight blue


Stroudley LBSCR ochre

BMC tan


LBSCR umber

Vauxhall Brazil brown


N.Staffs maroon

Vauxhall Gambia red


NER coach red

Vauxhall Gambia red


LYR coach upper panels

Plastikote nut brown





Goods stock matt colours

White primer

Grey primer

Black primer

Bauxite primer