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The Wickham

by G H Wood

The latest addition to the F&St.M fleet, this useful vehicle has been purchased by the Management in an optimistic effort to make the PW crew a bit more mobile, and to enable them to get to work along the line a bit quicker, they should know better by now really.

In reality it has enabled its occupants to enjoy the sensation of moving scenery as they go about their time honoured ritual of reading their newspapers (every one of them has his own personal copy of the Sun each morning), seeing who can complete the crossword quickest (4 down small green vegetable three letters, begins with P, 7 across, often found in the bottom of bird cages, four letters, blank, blank, I, T) it is also the home of the PW card school, many a fortune in back pay and overtime has been won and lost within the confines of the passenger section.
The crew will also, at times conduct speed trials along the long straight section of line between Tosaby and St.Marks.


The Wickham was once part of the Pier Railway at Ramsey, and still carries its lifebelt on the rear end, in case any hapless occupant is thrown out into a deep ditch, or worse, catapulted into the Eairy Dam.


Contstructed from a bit of hardboard deemed unwanted from Mrs GHW’s bathroom cabinet, about twenty (ish) long matchsticks, a bit of plasticard for the end walls and roof, some bits of the fret left over from the I P engineering IOM G van kit, some clear plastic from a Chinese takeaway container, a PP3 battery, on/off switch and the power unit from the Bachmann Gandy Dancer that has been in the bits box ever since the withdrawal of track power following NHN’s fateful visit 5 years ago with his live steam VOR loco.
The whole thing glued together with Evo Stick the glue of choice at the F&St.M.
Occupants from DAS clay as usual. Here we see them, pictured before being evo stuck for eternity inside the Wickham
L to R Pete McCallister reading the sports pages, Dave Hill holding a Royal flush and dreaming of working somewhere else, Eric Fargher holding a pair of two's the Queen of clubs the seven of diamonds and the Joker and wondering if he should break wind, John Shaw-Boyde holding three aces, already planning a marathon session at the Baltic with his winnings and ganger Ian Watterson hoping to get some work done later, if the rain holds off and it does not get any colder / warmer
All flung together on a Sunday in early June to save parting with birthday money on a bona fide kit, cheapskate that I am.
Seven across is grit, in case you were struggling