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Tricks/Recycling for the Garden Railway

There are lots of things that are found at our local stores and homes that can be used in the Garden Railway and usually cost nothing.  I started a listed of some things that I found work great in the railway setting and most can be found at home. Feel free to add to the list.
  • Bottle caps make great metal signs for buildings.
  • Plastic corrugated for sale/vote for signs can be used to make buildings.
  • Boot laces make great hoses.
  • The plastic insert found in toothpaste makes great streetlight lamp/shade
  • Those little coffee creamers found in restaurants  make great garbage cans. For a lid use a bottle cap with some wire for a handle.
  • Those blue handle allen keys that come with aristo track are great for cleaning the points etc... on switch tracks.  Just stick in ground by each switch.
  • sew on snaps make great knobs.