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Ungated Crossing Signs

by G Cook (aka 3valve)

I had a simple ungated level crossing on the SHLR (Stanworth Heath Light Railway), the inspiration for which came from a book of photographs of the Welshpool and Llanfair railway.  It wasn't the crossing that attracted my attention but the unusual (to my mind) warning signs informing oncoming motorists of its presence.  I imagine there had been a fair few accidents or near misses at this crossing, each one resulting in a further warning sign being put up in an attempt to eliminate any future incidents, the end result being a concoction of several different warning notices attached to a single post.

Cut n Shut

To achieve the same effect I purchased three different enamel signs from GRS and did a sort of cut n shut on them to create the effect I wanted.

The "Trespassers" sign was left as is, whilst the "Trains Cross Here" and 1930's style ungated crossing signs had their posts chopped.  The chopped signs were then glued to each other to form a single signpost using a two-part metal adhesive from Halfords (partly becuase I didn't turst my brazing/soldering skills and partly because I didn't want to ruin the paint finish on the pre-painted signs). 

Add one more for good measure

The W & L sign also had the more modern white cross with red flashes on the post, so these were made up from white plasticard suitably masked off and the ends sprayed red.  Here is the end result.

I then made up the second sign, as the W & L had them on both sides of their crossing (and if it's good enough for them then......).  Finally I just had to plant them in situ.

With my ungated crossing suitably signposted, I could now let the traffic flow once more.   These had been outside for around twelve months before we moved house and showed no sign of deterioration.  I had my doubts about the Halfords metal glue but it has held up brilliantly.  They've survived the house move intact too so look out for a new ungated crossing when I start the SHLR Mk II.